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Notre garantie

Garantie Santé pour les tasses à thé micro chiot: Notre Garantie de santé pour les chiots de thé Les micro chiots sont les meilleurs et les plus complets garantie sanitaire mondiale. Si le chiot tasse de thé meurt en raison de la génétique ou si le chiot souffre d’une maladie congénitale ou héréditaire (dans un […]

Processus de livraison

La livraison du chiot tasse de thé que vous achetez est obligatoire. Nous sommes un magasin de chiot en ligne, notre site Web est notre salle d’exposition. Comme la plupart des magasins en ligne, d’Amazon à Net-a-Porter, nous livrons dans le monde entier. Notre siège social est situé à Augusta, dans le Maine, où nous […]

A propos des chiots teacup

Tout d’abord, qu’est-ce qu’un chien tasse de thé? Un chien tasse de thé est un terme non officiel pour les races de chiens extrêmement petites, ce sont littéralement des chiots qui peuvent tenir dans une tasse de thé! Les chiens de thé se réfèrent également à:     Chien races Toy ou “jouet”.    Races de chiens miniatures.    Micro Chiens […]

Teddy Bear Face Micro Teacup Chihuahua Dogs

Teddy Bear Face Micro Teacup Chihuahua Dogs Teddy Bear Face Micro Teacup Chihuahua’s are a tender tiny sized puppy, respectful and willing to satisfy its momma without being tyrannical. The teddy bear face micro teacup Chihuahua baby adores belly rubs and cuddling ideal alongside you, and is adding substance to locate his own place to […]

Teacup French Bulldog

Teacup French Bulldog (mini Frenchie) The Teacup French Bulldog / mini Frenchie is a tough, smaller, stocky little pocket pup, with a huge square head that has an adjusted temple. The nose is dark, however, might be lighter in lighter shaded pups. The upper lip hang down over the lower lip. The teeth meet in […]

Teacup English Bulldog

Teacup English Bulldog (mini English Bully) The Teacup English Bulldog/ mini English Bully is a lovely, simple care friend who is fun loving and affectionate. It is energetic and exuberant, without being yappy and uproarious. Inquisitive, sweet and totally amusing, it has an exceptionally humorous identity and loves to horse around. It is brilliant and […]

Teacup Corgi

Teacup Corgi Teacup corgis are adorable and are not timid by any stretch of the imagination. They are likewise simple to train because they cherish satisfying their owners. They are reluctant towards outsiders because corgis are reproduced for herding, they are all exceptionally enthusiastic. Other than the personality contrasts between each breed, there are additionally […]

Teacup Italian Greyhound

Teacup Italian Greyhound The Teacup Italian Greyhound resembles a small scale variant of the standard Italian Greyhound. Also called ‘iggy’ or ‘IG’ Its head is long and decreasing, with tight, collapsed ears, a dull nose, and thin lips. It has a profound trunk and collapsed midriff with an angled back. Their straight tails are marginally […]

Micro Teacup Pekingese

Micro Teacup Pekingese It may look foofy, yet the micro teacup Pekingese is a high-quality character who is tough and more valiant than its appearance proposes. The micro teacup pekingese has majestic pride, slight pretentiousness, certainty, and resolute streak all meet up in an enthusiastic, tender, well-meaning pocket dog who’ll regard you on the off […]

Micro Teacup Poodle

Micro Teacup Poodle Our Micro teacup Teacup poodles have turned out to be exceptionally well known among micro teacup breeder devotees. It is really a teddy bear teacup puppy that is amazingly little. Tiny Teacup poodle puppies need to be given consideration and play time to guarantee that they get the connection and exercise they […]