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Micro Chihuahua

Micro Chihuahua

Chihuahua’s are a tender puppy, respectful and willing to satisfy its momma without being tyrannical. The Chi baby adores belly rubs and cuddling ideal alongside you, and is adding substance to locate his own place to twist up. Chihuahua’s has a sweet personality and delicate nature. They will come when called and connects well with people and other pets. Generally speaking, the puppy is a simple pooch and a delight to have around and would make an awesome first dog for a cherishing family.
We specialize in rare white, in short, and long hair and average 2lbs.

Mini French Bulldog

Mini French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a tough, smaller, stocky little pooch, with a huge square head that has an adjusted temple. The nose is dark, however, might be lighter in lighter shaded pups. The upper lip hang down over the lower lip. The teeth meet in an underbite and the lower jaw is square and profound. The round, unmistakable eyes are separate wide. The bat ears stand erect, are expansive at the base narrowing in a triangular shape and adjusted at the tips. The tallness at the shrinks to the ground ought to be roughly the same as the length from wilts to the base of the tail. The tail is either straight or corkscrew. The trunk is wide and profound with the front of the pooch being more extensive than the back end, framing a pear shape. The medium-fine coat is short and smooth. The skin is free, shaping wrinkles around the head and shoulders. Our Frenchies and mini and will grow to a maximum of 10lbs full grown. We specialize in blue Frenchies.

Mini English Bulldog

Mini English Bulldog

The Mini English Bulldog is a lovely, simple care friend who is fun loving and affectionate. It is energetic and exuberant, without being yappy and uproarious. Inquisitive, sweet and totally amusing, it has an exceptionally humorous identity and loves to horse around. It is brilliant and nice. The Mini English Bulldog gets along genuinely well with outsiders and different creatures and appreciates being with its owner. It plays well with different puppies. Those Mini English Bulldogs that are permitted to trust they are alpha may move toward becoming forceful. Mini English Bulldogs are perfect, and most will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from water puddles. Most can’t swim so take alert around water. This breed does best with chivalrous youngsters who know how to show appropriate attention. English bullies may dribble and drool; however, a decent rate of them don’t. Our Mini English Bullies will get to a maximum of 15lbs full grown.

Micro Teacup Corgi

Micro Teacup Corgi

Teacup Corgis Notwithstanding their little size, they are extraordinary guard dogs. Micro Teacup corgis are adorable and are not timid by any stretch of the imagination. They are likewise simple to train because they cherish satisfying their owners. The Cardigan Welsh corgi is known for being committed, alert and dependable. They are reluctant towards outsiders because corgis are reproduced for herding, they are all exceptionally enthusiastic. Other than the personality contrasts between each breed, there are additionally contrasts in color, size, and simplicity of training. The Welsh corgi is the smallest of the breeds, and the Cardigan Welsh corgi is the biggest. The Micro Teacup corgi is known as the main corgi breed in the micro-level with a tail. Our Corgis are tiny with their adult size not exceeding 15lbs.

Teacup Italian Greyhound

The Teacup Italian Greyhound resembles a small scale variant of the standard Italian Greyhound. Also called ‘iggy’ or ‘IG’ Its head is long and decreasing, with tight, collapsed ears, a dull nose, and thin lips. It has a profound trunk and collapsed midriff with an angled back. Their straight tails are marginally bent at the tip. The legs are long and thin.

Teacup IGGY’s are sensitive to cool weather so be mindful they be kept warm and to wear sweaters when outside in frosty climate. Our mini Italian Greyhounds will not exceed 5lbs as adults.

Micro Teacup Pekingese

It may look goofy, yet the Pekingese is a high-quality character who is tough and more valiant than its appearance proposes. The Peke’s majestic pride, pretentiousness, certainty, and resolute streak all meet up in an enthusiastic, tender, well-meaning pooch who’ll regard you on the off chance that you regard it. The puppy is faithful and defensive of his family. Train the puppy with firm, kind consistency, utilizing uplifting comments, for example, nourishment rewards and praises. Our tiny Teacup Pekingese do not exceed 3 lbs fully grown.

Micro Teacup Poodle

Micro Teacup Poodle

Our Tiny Teacup poodles have turned out to be exceptionally well known among micro breed devotees. It is really a teddy bear that is amazingly little. Teacup poodle puppies need to be given consideration and play time to guarantee that they get the connection and exercise they need to remain happy and sound. We specialize in rich red Poodles which is the rarest and most difficult color to achieve. They are teeny tiny averaging 2lbs as adults.

Micro Teacup Pug

Our teacup Pugs grown-up weight will be under 3 pounds

Teacup Schnauzer

Teacup schnauzer is little however not fragile which makes them a most loved family pet. They have an inviting, happy, social, intelligent, lively, warm demeanor and coexist incredibly with other pets and children of any age. Teacup schnauzers can live in a boisterous wild dynamic family with 8 kids or a quiet calm senior home, out on a farm or in a major city, living in a condo or a chillin‘ at the manor.

Micro Teacup Shih Tzu

Reared to fill in as a companion, the Shih Tzu is a devoted, happy, and active puppy. They revere human cooperation and will regularly offer their fondness to complete strangers. In light of its neighborly nature, the Shih Tzu, for the most part, coexists well with youngsters and different pets. They are spunky and brimming with soul, yet tender, kind, and calm. The Shih Tzu is amazing for a flat living, as they require negligible exercise and make a little commotion.

The Shih Tzu is known for its level face, slight underbite, and rich long coat. Many individuals portray the Shih Tzu as seeming “self-important,” because of the way it holds itself with its head held high, despite the fact that its identity demonstrates something else. The Shih Tzu sheds practically no hair and is exceptionally prescribed for individuals who experience allergies. Our baby ShihTzus will be lead than 3lbs fully grown.

If I were to go through the list of breeds.

I would say boys are a little bit more cuddly, not always but generally, they are cuddlier and they are a little less confrontational with you – i.e. they will respect you as a master whereas sometimes the girls need to be put in their place a little more often. We have got Frenchies and you know it! They look great with young, cool, hip couples. Very fashioned and very hip right now. They are the ‘IT’ dog I would say. They are going to be about 10 or 12 pounds. They are… lazy, Ha! But cuddly and really just want to sit with you, sit on your lap, and sit next to you. Be as close to you as possible, all the time, and have eyes only for you. They are fun with other dogs, they are fun with kids. They travel really well and they are really adaptable. They don’t really love the heat too much but, we don’t have to worry about that, now that we have AC everywhere. So, that’s (a concern) for other countries I guess.

Pomeranians. They are very glamorous. They are a classy dog, posh dog. White is a very popular color, a lot of people don’t have them, but ours are like triple coats or just like cotton balls. They are like… diamonds – they just look great on everyone! The black ones, I really like, we get really gorgeous solid black Poms which are rare and I love them.

Then we have the classic Boo, which I like to call the Boo style, who became famous with its cute little Boo haircut. It is like a Pomeranian with a short haircut. There was a famous dog whose name was ‘Boo’. There is a golden-shaded style of the Boo and then, I call the other one, ‘silver-shaded’. So, those we have as well.

Chihuahuas, I like long-haired. So we breed the long-hair. I like a lot of white and chocolate, like Godiva milk chocolate, and these kinds of colors with Chihuahuas. They are the smallest, I mean, we get them tiny – One and a half pounds because they are just so tiny and gorgeous! They can be a little feisty. A lot of people complain they don’t like a Chihuahua because they are always wanting to play and they are quite active. So if you don’t have a high activity level then maybe a Chihuahua isn’t the right pick for you.

I love Poodles. They are hypoallergenic and so they are not shedding. We do have to take them to the groomers but ours are so tiny, you can do a lot of the trimming at home, so you don’t have to send them out. But a perfect quiff is always lovely. We focus on the rich reds, apricot, and milk chocolate. Again, round faces, apple-heads as they say, I call them teddy bears. They are very clean, they want to be house trained. They like to have a routine and they are very adaptive with all lifestyles.

The Maltese are also hypoallergenic. Solid white – Only one color. Ours have huge eyes and upturned noses and really lovely coats. They aren’t awesome with other kids, so if you have a lot of kids around, the Maltese sometimes get a little bit nippy. So they may not be the choice for you but they are also very glamorous like the Pomeranians, but a hypoallergenic option. They are tiny but they still do shed.

Those are my tops, my favorites, and then we have from time to time Teacup Yorkies. They are a classic! So if you’re like the Audrey Hepburn or the Marilyn Monroe, a very classic lady who lunches, then this is your type of dog. Beautiful colors; they have either strong gold base or sometimes they have a silver undertone and we call it the ‘Blue steel’ like in the movie. Again, they are tiny, tiny, tiny! Small noses, square bodies so they don’t end up looking like a giant deer. They stay nice and compact and puppy looking forever.

Yorkie’s are a classic and will always be chic. They are a tiny ball of energy and fiercely loyal.

We have had tons of celebrities buy our puppies. We don’t disclose any client information. So client confidentiality is important to us. A lot of people lead very private lives, whether they are wealthy or royalty or in the limelight in some way, people don’t really like their spending habits or purchase habits or just life choices publicized. So we do keep that confidential. I certainly don’t want anyone knowing what I am up to, so I just choose not to advertise. I’ve never asked my clients if we can promote on their behalf. We don’t give away free dogs to celebrities for publicity. I know that some people do that and they get PR and what not, but we have never really needed it. I don’t think that’s something we’d ever practice. Just giving a dog to a celebrity without them paying for it doesn’t make any sense to me.