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id="post-9530">How to Buy

Purchase Process for all the designer teacup dogs we sell:

1. Click Shop Available Puppies

2. Choose the tiny teacup puppy you love (sizes and prices are listed on each pocket pups page)

3. Review our pocket puppy application (no commitment to buy) click here

4. Call/Text/Email with any questions not answered on our website

5. Complete the pocket puppy application (you will have important decisions to make about your fur baby at this time, once complete, we will send your pocket puppy invoice via email.

6. We offer tiny teacup puppies globally. We home breed and raise our tiny teacup puppies with us, and deliver worldwide.

7. We will ask you to confirm all the information again, and then we will generate your invoice.

8. Inform us when the payment is made using your invoice # at the top right of your invoice as your reference.

9. We arrange your tiny teacup puppy delivery for you 3 days prior to our agreed delivery date. 3 days before travel we will take your tiny teacup puppy for final deworming, vaccine and teacup dog health certificate, then to the groomer, then a days rest before they travel. Our flight coordinator will contact you to confirm the date before booking. The flight reference number will now be your tracking number. You will pick up your tiny teacup puppy at the airport designated in your application or meet the teacup puppy nanny at the airport.

10. Your tiny teacup puppy will arrive with its own ‘passport’ including breed information, vaccines, and your custom teacup dog health certificate (click here for our teacup puppy health guarantee)

11. Once you receive your tiny teacup puppy a photo and testimonial for our future customers reference is greatly appreciated but it is not required and we understand you perhaps prefer privacy.

Local USA/Global Shipping Method for all the designer dogs we sell:

United PetSafe Cargo $500USD 2-3 or via teacup puppy nanny $1500USD

Refund Policy: 

Since our puppies are live animals, we cannot do returns. We do not offer refunds on puppies purchased. The puppies do come with a one year health guarantee.