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1-You must read both our About Us and How to Buy pages before contacting us.

2-You must read the puppy reservation form before you contact us. You don’t have to complete it but you must review it

3-Questions that have been answered on our mandatory read pages asked like will not be replied to. Example ‘ummm hi, ummm ya, I am calling about your puppies, how much are they, where are you located, are the ones umm listed online available, ummm are they potty trained, oh ok ya, ummm I was just checking to see if you offered discounts, ummm do you deliver…’ If you didn’t take the time to read the reservation form…we are not interested.

4. No refunds are offered as puppies are live animals. However, If you change your mind about which puppy you prefer within 48hrs your payment is transferable to another puppy you choose.

5. ✈️All deliveries if by car or flight are booked 2 days before the puppies leave us, after their final vaccines 💉and the final veterinary health certificate (and grooming). Example: you purchase your puppy on the 1st, the delivery would be the 21st and we would email you the flight details on the 18th. We know you are excited but your patience is expected.

6. We have a 1-year health guarantee on all our puppies and all our puppies come with 6 weeks free health insurance. Life expectancy is 10+ years for all our puppies.

7. We will send enough food for a month, if you choose to buy the same (royal canin x-small) or transition. We send carrier, dishes and peepads for 2 weeks.

8. If you do decide to shop, I recommend a baby bassinet as your puppies ‘safe place’ and for clothes/leashes look for kitten sized(not cat not puppy)

9. All puppies listed are available, we advertise when they are ready to go usually between 3-4 months due to their small size they can never leave before 1lb.

10. We breed for the smallest size, large perfect set eyes, short noses, and compact bodies for our signature ‘doll face’ or ‘teddy bear’ look that has been 36 years of heartfelt attentive breeding to achieve. Our work is not done there as we extensively socialize (and potty-train) from birth until they leave us, resulting in a wonderful sound temperament for you to enjoy.

They are potty trained, using pee pee pads at our home.

11.We do not offer financing. We do not offer discounts. Payments are due immediately upon receipt of your invoice.

12. We do post all the puppy information on each puppies page here – All Available Puppies for Sale

We do not know the puppy personality until they are well over 9 months, so we don’t know the personality of your puppy but hope you will tell us one day.

13. Life expectancy is 15+ years for all our puppies, determined by forever home care quality, veterinary care, dental care, nutrition and exercise.

No special care is required for our tinies.

14. There have been no COVID-19 interruptions in commercial deliveries. No home pickups during covid.

Please click green ✅button that says Reserve this Puppy on the pups page, there you will see all the details including size, price, and age for your puppy, with no payment but we will hold the puppy for you free of charge for 24hrs.

15. In the reservation, if you still have additional questions or special requests, write them in the section called ‘notes’ in the form. We will reply via email within 24hrs.

Current: all of the puppies we have available are listed on our website and each indicate the gender next to the photo, as well and size, date of birth and price, the photos are current and up-to-date. The next step is click the green ✅reserve now button for the puppy that you would like, there’s no obligation to buy no payment at that time but it does put the puppy on hold for you.

Most questions are answered in the reservation process so it’s important to review that before we speak, and if you would like to go ahead with the purchase log me know. I will give you a call and answer any additional questions you might have once the reservation is received.