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Experience Matters – Who We Are 

Take comfort in our 30+ years of 3 family generations dedicated experience to perfecting these precious furbabies to the absolute smallest teacup dogs humanly possible! Our family has poured our hearts and souls into raising and breeding the worlds smallest teacup dogs from early mornings, late nights to sleepless nights. Our kids grew up surrounded by a wonderfluff of fur-babies. They learned responsibility, respect and the circle of life at an early age. The older our kids got, the more knowledge they absorbed. All our kids knew how to deliver a breech baby by 8 years old! LOL!
Growing up with them and watching the tremendous amount of effort that went into a wonderful business that stays open for longer than a few years made us appreciate true devotion.
My sisters and I watched how many lives these amazing little doll face teacup puppies touched, not the famous people or the ones that brought the spotlight to our business but the ones who touched the heroes of our country. The ones who helped heal damaged hearts after a dreadful divorce or the loss of a child. These therapy dogs became bandages for hurting hearts, they became joyful gifts and became our extended fur-family.
All our micro teacup dogs are bred by us, at home, and never brokered or sold via 3rd party. We do not have any affiliation with any ‘Korean teacup dogs’ (nor should you). We have all the teacup puppy parents and can supply photos upon request. We know the history of our dollface teacup dogs and intimately know and love each and every teacup puppy we sell, and assure you your dollface teacup puppy receives the best care, training and socialization for a healthy, happy forever fur friend. We extensively socialize our micro teacup pups from birth onward, they come with us by car to our appointments, the hair salon, grocery shopping, our general errands, even out to dinners. All this is the most important part for YOU getting a confident (not nervous/yappy) well adjusted happy micro size puppy that will flourish for life (10+ years)

We do not provide our home address as we have young children at home, if you want to come and meet us, and pick up your dollface teacup puppy, we happily will meet you at the airport or public location of your choice. We do not sell our teddy bear teacup puppies via social media. We will not sell our teddy bear teacup puppies without speaking to you first.

If you are not sure which mini teacup puppy breed is right for you to check out our teacup puppy breed descriptions page here

We do not demand deposits. If you like a pocket puppy and need a few days to decide, let us know, we will put your pocket puppy on hold for you, with no risk, no charge. It’s a 10+ year decision!

📝Most questions are answered if you take a minute to review our online puppy application form (no commitment to buy) please review it here before proceeding to purchase a teacup puppy.

Please review our extensive micro teacup puppy Health Guarantee here

We also post our micro teacup puppy deliveries and customer reviews here

The photos you see on our website are currently up to date. 📲text📲call or email on how to make a dream designer dog part of your family today!

Your designer teacup dog will arrive with: IATA certified carrier, Water and food dish, Blanket (scent from home do not wash for at least a week),10 Pee Pads, Leash and harness, 1 month supply of kibble-Royal Canin Puppy X-Small (if you opt for another brand gradually switch by added a few kibbles over the course of the month)

What should you buy?

A bassinet or playpen to keep her safe when you aren’t holding her

Don’t buy clothes they probably won’t fit (kitten clothes might)

Treats: crushed ice cubes, frozen carrot chopped, cooked shredded chicken (natural foods to not upset tummy or make her overweight)

Probiotics, Karo or Maple Syrup

Refunds/Exchange Policy:

We offer the best teacup puppy health guarantee in the world. We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Be mindful you are purchasing a life, not a shoe.

Size Guarantee:

We have been breeding designer teacup pocket dogs for almost 30 years and our teacup puppy breeding program is highly focused for very rare teacup puppies, and specific micro size dogs.

We usually have 1 or 2 teddy bear teacup puppies per litter. There are no runts.

We can not guarantee an exact weight because lifestyle factors are not controlled by us. If your baby dollface teacup puppy is happy, healthy, getting exercise and eating a proper diet he/she will weigh the weight listed at adult.

Caring for your Tiny Teacup Puppy:

These tiny pocket dogs are small and crave companionship, it’s best if you can ‘take your teacup puppy everywhere’

If you are working or out a lot, we recommend to buy 2 teacup pups and to encourage this we offer a $1000USD discount and free shipping.

These pocket pups need access to food and water 24/7(free feed kibble) and you must check to make sure they haven’t gone more than 4 hours without (until they are full grown at 2 years old) if you think they haven’t eaten, put some maple syrup on your finger and in their mouth (or via a syringe) so you know they are ok.

Until your teeny tiny teacup puppy is 6 months don’t take them to dog parks or vet clinics and let them walk (carry and show only)

These tiny teacup pups are not ideal for kids under 10.

Reputable Teacup Puppy Breeders do not sell via social media.

Reputable teacup puppy breeders do not allow 3rd party dog resellers or brokers. These dog resellers know nothing about the parents of the micro size puppies. Dog Resellers know nothing about how the teacup puppy has been cared for nutritionally or socially.

🌎 Worldwide Delivery✈️ 📝1 year Health Guarantee

💯 Amazing Quality and super small size! ** Lifetime Support ** Up to Date Vaccines 💉** 🐩 Microchip ** Free 6 weeks Insurance**

We do not offer to finance. We happily hold a teacup puppy free of charge for a few days.

Feel free to call us with any questions we failed to cover here. We are happy to help! Do read our How to Buy page first please.

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