Please take at least 30 minutes to review this contract for your fur-baby.

This part of the contract must be accurate for the 1 year health warranty and the puppy’s flight booking. We will send you a copy to review a final time and request a confirmation that the details are correct.

Tell us about the household our precious FurBaby will be going to.

Do you have other pets living in your home?

When are you looking to get your new puppy(s)?

Under no circumstances shall the buyer resell, trade, give away or surrender this puppy to any pet shop, research laboratory, HS/SPCA or similar facility

Purchase Order Options

We do not demand deposits. If you like a puppy and need a few days to decide, let us know, we will put the puppy on hold for you, with no risk, no charge.
Are you purchasing the puppy(s) as a gift for someone else?

Below are fees(in USD) in addition to the price of your puppy and will be added to your total invoice

How would you like to get your new puppy(s)? Puppy Shipping International
Puppy Spa Grooming
Would you like your puppy(s) to receive a five step spa package prior to leaving?

*Hot oil treatments help keep their fur from tangling so easily and produce a soft silky coat that is much easier to comb out for several months.

Do you want to purchase our puppy photo package? New Puppy Photo Session Package

Due to the enormous amount of request for additional digital photos to be taken (Even though the ones posted on our site are clear, in focus and up to date) we now charge for this service. Updated and or additional digital photos are $300. This includes "casual - nothing fancy pictures". This fee is to be paid in full prior to pictures being taken and does NOT come off the price of the puppy. Sorry, we do not offer cell phone pictures.

Spay and Neuter Would you like your micro puppy(s) to be fixed prior to leaving the nursery?
Are you looking to buy one or two teacup puppies?
$1000 Discounts for customers who purchase two

Total balance is due within 72 hrs. When will you complete your payment? By placing payment on a micro puppy, I understand that the seller will take said puppy off the market. He/she will no longer be available for other customers to purchase. Payments are not refundable

How would you like to pay the final balance for your micro teacup puppy(s)?
We accept Paypal for deposits on future litters ONLY

What’s next? Payment is not required at this time.
1-We will confirm the purchase request with you, if approved we will, send you a copy of this contract, confirm delivery date, generate an invoice and email it to you. The invoice number is in the top right, note the invoice number to be quoted in the transaction as the purchase note.
2-Email us a copy/scan of the remittance receipt and forward it to us so we can track your payment.
3-72hrs before delivery we will contact you with the flight time (date agreed via email confirmation once payment is received usually 3 weeks after payment)

Would you like a courtesy call to answer any additional questions?

Confirming Terms of Sale as Listed Above
BY SIGNING THIS CONTRACT, YOU ARE HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGING the points outlined in this contract as binding and non-negotiable.
This agreement regarding the sale of the following canine will serve as the terms & conditions of the sale. The contract and full payment balance are due back in our office within 2 business days, or we consider the contract void. Under no circumstances are refunds issued at the request of the buyer. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale of a Puppy at any time if we feel it is in the best interest of that particular Puppy, issuing a full refund within 30 days.
By signing this contract, you are in full agreement with all of the terms and conditions outlined in this contract.


Your Invoice

Puppy Total
Dubai Puppy  × 1 $9,299.00
Subtotal $9,299.00
Total $9,299.00
  • We will confirm the purchase request with you, and then generate an invoice. Payment is not required at this time.