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Teacup puppy care

When considering getting a teacup dog, most prospect owners are lured by the idea that “smaller is cuter”. What they’re not told is that smaller also means more delicate to care for.

These tiny pooches – even when fully grown – weigh significantly less than the standard weight for their breed, according to the American Kennel Club. The point is when buying a little pooch no matter if it’s a teacup Morkie or a teacup Yorkshire terrier, keep in mind that the smaller the size, the more susceptible it is to a plethora of health issues.

Keeping that in mind maintaining the health and well-being of your Teacup as a puppy is crucial. In some ways, it could mitigate any health problems found in Teacup dog breeds.  Here are some essential things to remember when it comes to taking care of your lovely Teacup puppy:

  • Feed your Teacup puppy with the right food and nutrition: At this point, you Teacup puppy is still in development, so it is necessary to ensure that its receives the right kind of nourishments for its growing. Always consult with the Vets about the diet of the Teacup puppy.
  • Makes sure that it gets a proper rest: A Teacup puppy is a very active dog and because of the intensity of its activities it needs some sound sleep and rest. At most it requires 14 hours of rest and sleep. Playing with your Teacup is fun and rewarding, but do not exceed for more than an hour during its playtime. Remember a good rest is an essential part of your pup’s good health.
  • Let your pup get adjusted to its new surroundings: Newly bought Teacups pups get disoriented by their new surrounding and the people in it. As a result, it may experience stress and exhibit weird behavior. After a few days, it will act normal. The internal stress that pup feels can be lethal since it causes Hypoglycemia (see no.1 above) so observe carefully if the pup is getting too stressed.
  • Give regular vaccinations must to the Teacup puppy:  Diseases or illness is always a danger to Teacup pups, and the only way to avoid them is through vaccination. Find a reputable veterinarian to do the vaccination. Vaccinating your pup can reduce the number of health problems it will face.

Also you have to keep in mind that the Teacup puppies depending on their breed, they are very sensitive to the weather and that is why you see so many teacup dogs with clothes, not only because they look cute it is because they get cold very easy.