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Teacup English Bulldog (mini English Bully)

Teacup English Bulldog

The Teacup English Bulldog/ mini English Bully is a lovely, simple care friend who is fun loving and affectionate. It is energetic and exuberant, without being yappy and uproarious. Inquisitive, sweet and totally amusing, it has an exceptionally humorous identity and loves to horse around. It is brilliant and nice. The Mini English Bully/ teacup English Bulldog gets along genuinely well with outsiders and different creatures and appreciates being with its owner. It plays well with different puppies. Those Mini English Bully/ teacup English Bulldogs that are permitted to trust they are alpha may move toward becoming forceful. Mini English Bulldogs are perfect, and most will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from water puddles. Most can’t swim so take alert around water. This breed does best with chivalrous youngsters who know how to show appropriate attention. Teacup English bulldogs may dribble and drool; however, a decent rate of them don’t. Our Mini English Bulldogs are a perfect designer dogs will get to a maximum of 15lbs full grown.