Established in 1984, we were the first company that I know of that specialized strictly in Teacup puppies for sale. We are American but recently we relocated to Dubai but the pups are still born and bred in the USA by our family. In Montana and California. Ask us why!

Browse our tiny Teacup puppies for sale and fall madly in love! We specialize in Teacup puppies including: Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Chihuahuas, Teacup Maltese, Teacup Pomeranians, Teacup Poodles and More!

Have a look for a Teacup Yorkie. Teacup Yorkies are a specialty. You will find the tiniest most beautiful Teacup Yorkies for sale in our showroom. view all of the puppies for sale.

Please Call Us At: 1-323-498-4529

Call us today and take advantage of our convenient shipping that we offer anywhere in the world. Please note that all puppies must be half a pound before they travel.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website which is updated often for our customer’s convenience. Get ready to rest your eyes on some of the most ‘ultra-rare’ puppies in the world! We have: Pomeranians puppies for sale; blue-eyed French Bulldogs for sale; red, lush, tiny Teacup Poodles for sale; the ultimate accessory – the mini Yorkie – for the ladies who lunch; and the gorgeous classic – pure white Maltese. Tiny Teacup dogs here on our website are now available to you anywhere in the world!

It wasn’t until just this year that we decided to make our puppies available online. So please do take your time to review our complete website. All the questions that we thought could possibly be asked are all here. I hope that we’ve done a good job, and you like our site, and that you find the puppy of your dreams!

Take comfort in our 20 combined years of experienced and convenient breeding and shipping puppies today. We are able to ship our puppies to our customers anywhere in the world. You can shop and adopt any of our puppies with the assurance that, from the moment your puppy enters this world to the moment they leave for their homes, each one is given the highest quality of care and consideration.

We are so glad you stopped by to check out our amazing micro Teacup puppies that we have available! We are now the  Number 1 Resource for Teacup puppies and Teacup dogs. We offer luxury – one in a million puppies – with the highest quality and standards, bred in North America! No. Not Asian puppy-mill puppies! Your puppy will have a health guarantee; a refund policy; will be health checked; the vaccinations for one year will be done so you don’t have to think about that. You can travel with your puppy right away!

 So what kinds of payments do we accept? 

We accept bank wire transfers to our DUBAI branch.

PayPal often holds payments for over a thousand dollars for 30 days. That’s not our policy But it is PayPal’s policy. PayPal can pay in 3 days, they can also pay in 30 days. Until the payment is cleared, we can’t send you the dog. So, if you are not in a hurry and you are okay to wait 30 days, you can pay us a 100% by PayPal as well. Most of our customers don’t because they want the dog sooner. If you are thinking of a Christmas puppy or a Valentine’s Day puppy, and you want to secure the puppy of your choice then PayPal’s super. Otherwise, a bank transfer is simple, you can do that by phone, online or by going in person – it just depends on your bank.

We post sometimes on Social Media. Look at our Instagram page. Or our Pinterest or Facebook if you want to see what we are posting there. We aren’t selling dogs on social media. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense. We need to speak to our customers, we need to know who they are, and selling on Facebook pages just wasn’t our cup of tea

In fact until this year, we never sold online at all, we just sold by word of mouth. Now we have decided to expand our market. Most of our customers are in the United States but people from around the world now contact us and have the opportunity to find us and to have one of ourfabulous little teddy bear puppies! Otherwise, it was just word-of-mouth in the neighborhood; friends of friends; people seeing our puppies on the street with their owners, asking where they got them. That’s how we got our business and built our business and our reputation over time.

The idea of ‘Teacup’ or ‘Micro’ are just terms given by breeders to describe the size of a tiny puppy. There isn’t really a standard, I mean, there is a Teacup Yorkie standard with the American Kennel Club and ours would be about half that size. So we wouldn’t fit into that category. There is no Micro category really, it is just what our dogs are, but everyone calls them Teacups and so we just roll with that.


STEP 1: Do you see a puppy that melts you heart?  Send us an email or call us today! We are super busy on the weekends and that is when hearts get broken because you sometimes will have someone say, ‘Oh I was looking at your website on Saturday but we’re called on Monday and that puppy had been sold.’ So don’t hesitate, if you find a puppy that you love, just call and make sure that you are able to reserve that puppy right away!

Our puppies do find homes quickly and then only way to lock in the puppy of your choice is by paying for it. 

STEP 2: The process of purchasing one of our puppies is to visit our puppy pages and narrow down the puppy that you’re interested in adding to your family. Fill out the online contract or application noting which puppy you are wanting. This online form allows you to tell us about the type of home you have to offer. 

STEP 3: Pay in full for the puppy of your choice. This is done by bank transfer. Or you can pay by PayPal.  If you change your mind, the remaining balance will be kept by us for remarketing costs and potential loss of sales. 

STEP 4: Once we receive your email we’ll call you within 24 hours. We answer any additional questions about the process of getting him or her into your arms. For those customers who desire variety, we have a vast color selection available in a variety of breeds. So if you are more about the color than the coat, just let us know, and we can guide you through some of the choices that may appeal to you. 


We don’t provide credit. We are happy to work with you if you just love a dog, you see it on a Friday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday is obviously our busiest time so that is when we will sell the most dogs.  If you call me on a Friday and say, ‘We love this puppy! He’s black and white and we love him, but we don’t have the money today. I’ll have to wait until Monday to go to the bank.’ 

No problem. I like to have an open policy with my customers and like to think that they are honest and forthcoming. So sure! I’ll hold that puppy for the weekend for you. Don’t worry about the payment. On Monday, we can work it.

Does it happen that I could have sold that dog and that person on Monday changes their mind? Yes. But that’s life, that’s business. There is no reason to like harass people and push people and stress people out over payments. That is about customer service and like I said, we like to have a white glove approach with our customers as opposed to a payment plan or something like that. Basically to have a dialogue and decide what’s best, so that the client gets the puppy that they want, and everyone’s happy.