Kylie Teacup Pomsky for Sale

Kylie Teacup Pomsky

Name: Kylie
Breed: Teacup Pomsky
Color: Classic
Gender: Female
Size max: 5LBS

Date of Birth: 7-May-22

Price: $8,400.00

No, you’re not dreaming!

This tiny teacup Pomsky is 10/10! His coloring is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!!!! Vivid blue eyes that will pierce your soul.

Such a silvery moonlight glow to his beautiful locks it is almost next to impossible to capture by camera. While at first, we thought he was lilac and white his heather gray darkened up a wee bit tipping him into a “blue” category. We are expecting this tiny teacup Pomsky to be 5lbs full grown.


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Buy Small Teacup Pomsky! a – Teacup pomsky for sale is always busy playing and turning up the charm for her human friends. Sometimes so anxious for affection will rub against you so enthusiastically and will lose balance and flop over. This beautiful teacup pomsky puppy is sure to greet her new forever family with sandpaper kisses and lots of love to go around. She has the most striking blue eyes    We provide a beautiful selection of the best quality and healthier Teacup pomsky. Reach us by a call or text to buy tiny teacup pomsky puppy for sale.
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