Stella Micro Pomeranian for Sale

Stella White Micro Pom

Name: Stella
Breed: Micro Pomeranian
Color: White
Gender: Female
Size max: 2.5LBS

Date of Birth: 30-May-22

Price: $8,400.00

Natalie is such an eye-catching little teacup puppy with her bright white coat, compact body and captivating “pick me up eyes”.

Her super soft white coat has a dazzling glittery vibe about it. She is like a diamond, a White Teacup Pomeranian diamond!  We originally had our hearts set on keeping her but she’s too small for our breeding program. Her tiny round ears and extra fluffy cheeks can’t help but make you smile. This bouncy little White Teacup Pomeranian girl is filled with so much spunk and personality you will wonder how on earth you ever lived without her! She is not a loner by any means, she wants to be near you OR other pets. We are keeping Natalie’s  sister back as a future breeder. We think she would do best in a pet home based on her playful personality. Some pups just want to be “the baby” their whole life and Natalie is one of them. If she sounds like the fur-baby of your dreams, apply for her below.

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Pretty doll-like teacup Pomeranian for sale. a face micro teacup Pomeranian with a short little nose and compact body. This baby bear type Micro Teacup Pomeranian Puppies has a beautiful platinum white triple fluff coat. a – Teacup Pomeranian is a striking beauty, his pics don’t do him justice. Tiny teacup Pomeranian is a ball of fluff and has such a cool, looks. If you know Pomeranian puppies you know this guy is #1. We offer a beautiful selection of the best quality and a healthier micro mini Pomeranian. Call or text us to buy small micro Pomeranian puppies.
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