Bunny Micro Maltese

Name: Bunny
Breed: Micro Teacup Maltese
Color: White
Gender: Female
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 2.5lbs


Bunny is now living in Dallas with her forever family.


Awwwww look at baby Bunny’s extreme adorable baby face! It’s so cute that honestly it’s almost unbearable. Like it does not get any cuter than this micro baby girl right here. Her beautiful looks are simply contagious! Bunny has a lush all white full coat paired with that extreme baby face and alluring baby doll eyes. You honestly will not be able to put her down after your first encounter. It is a very “love at first sight” situation when it comes to Bunny. She is not only beautiful but has an amazing loving personality to go with her image.

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