Crystal Micro Chihuahua for Sale

Crystal Micro Chihuahua

Name: Crystal
Breed: Micro Chihuahua
Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Size max: 2.5LBS

Date of Birth: 16-May-22

Price: $8,200.00

Who could say no to this little Crystal? Crystal is such an enchanting and confident baby. She loves attention and strives to get all that she can.  If you are searching for perfection, then here she is, right before your eyes. Crystal will make the perfect addition to your home, up to date on all her puppy vaccinations and vet checks. Don’t let this baby girl pass you by. She will be that perfect, fun-loving addition that you have been looking for.

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Like one of our Teacup chihuahuas, then call us and we can do the paperwork.  All our micro chihuahua puppies are guarantee on genetics for one year with a 14 day viral guarantee.    We have teacup chihuahuas, tiny chihuahuas, and micro chihuahua puppies.  We delivery puppies globally and it’s very safe.    When we delived the teacup chihuahuas we make sure they have food and water in the crate.   All the micro Chihuahua puppies get a bath before they are delivered to you and their nails are trimmed.   We ask that you are on time to pick up your chihuahua puppy and that you make sure that your chihuahua puppy is eating well.   You must place food and water immediately close to your chihuahua puppy.
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