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Belle Blue Teacup French Bulldog


Have you seen a more perfect Frenchie? Such a special combo of a blue coat and light blue eyes, our blue Bella is sure to lure you in with her expressive pouty crystal clear blue eyes and perfect personality. This girl is a complete goofball. She doesn’t walk, she bounces about and follows you around!  She hasn’t found a friend or foe she couldn’t enchant with her personality. Her favorite game is chasing toys around the house as she conquers them one by one. If you are looking for an adorable entertainer, she will make you grin from ear to ear. As much as she likes to interact with toys and playthings, she enjoys her human friends just as much. The instant she sits next to you she will roll on his belly and beg for tummy rubs. Sometimes she will even rest her head in your palm and rumble joyously. Sometimes she makes the silliest of faces just to see you smile. If you are in need of a laugh or some joy in your life, Bel is a sure thing!

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