More Pictures?

Cellphone pictures or QuickPics are not offered under any circumstances.

“Can I get updates photos and videos before purchasing a puppy?” We keep our website up-to-date with new photos bi-weekly. If you decide, ‘No, No. I want a new picture. I want to see a new picture. I want a different one, just not the one on the website, I want a different one. Just a simple cell phone pic…I just want a different one.’ We can do that for you but, to ensure that you are a serious buyer, we require a hold deposit of $1000. You can have the deposit returned if you don’t buy the puppy within 24 hours, you can say, ‘Nope, I don’t like the puppy. Thanks for the second picture.’ We will return your deposit from our bank to yours. If you decide, ‘Perfect, I’m glad that I got to see this extra picture and I definitely want to buy him.’ Then that deposit-hold for the new pictures will be deducted from your puppy price. If you are window shopping, or just love to look at puppy pictures all day long, perhaps you will object. Keep in mind, we have a lot of window shoppers. People love our puppies and want to see lots of pictures, but it is not fun for us to have to send them all the time. So we do charge for our time. Again, serious buyers are fine with it because they are buying a dog and it is just a matter of deducting that money from the final bill.


We are not a pet store, we are not a rescue, we are not a shelter or humane society and we do not grant purchasing privileges to just anyone with the financial means. We reserve the right to refuse sale as we are very selective in regards to the type of home we grant purchasing privileges to. Our puppies are babies and we take the utmost responsibility of placing each and every one of them in the best homes possible. Once you contact us by email or by phone we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We don’t work 24/7. If you’re not comfortable buying on the website or online, we’re not the place for you. Shopping online isn’t for everyone, we understand that. So before you decide to buy a puppy online you must be comfortable with the process. Most people buy online because they can’t find their dream fur baby locally. Prices are subject to change without notice. If you are looking for cheap puppies, by all means, there are plenty out there but this is not the place for it.

We have the right to refuse or cancel a sale; purchasing privileges are not just granted. If at any time we decide to cancel the sale a 100% of all money paid will be refunded to the buyer within 30 days from the time of cancellation.

Are Teacup puppies unhealthy? This is a very common misconception, but the answer is ‘No’. They are, however, equivalent to newborn babies and require a lot more care and attention than your average sized puppy. Because of their tiny size and delicate nature, their immune system can be compromised. So you need to be a little more careful on what they come in contact with and how they are handled. As they grow older their immune system gets stronger and then they are just as healthy as any other dog. Fun fact, the dog breed with the shortest life span happens to be a Great Dane!

What is the average lifespan of teacup puppy?

It’s 8 to 14 years

If you want to know what kind of breed is right for you?

You can call us and ask about my personal opinion on different breeds. People ask me about ‘X’ dog like, “So is Billy like a lovable puppy?” Well, while all the puppies are here with us, they’re all super amazing and lovable and cuddly. They just want to sleep and cuddle and eat, and maybe look at you a little bit and have a play, and then they are sleeping again. It is not possible to determine what their character will be like after they leave here when they are at least 6 months old you can see their personality blooming. Once he is in your home you will shape his character with your rules, your lifestyle and how you discipline and train your dog.


Not before 12 weeks. They are simply too small! Before they go on the website, before they are advertised, they are atleast 3 months old, our puppies go home between 12-16 weeks. All puppies are sold as pets only and cannot be used for showing or breeding purposes. We do not offer stud services. All puppies are born, bred and raised on our properties. We do not purchase and resell from third parties. All our puppies are dearly loved and peaceful prayed over the moment they enter the world until the day they leave our arms. We kindly ask that you apply for our puppies only if you wish to have a furry friend in your life for the next 10+ years. We specialize in highly unique, ultra-rare, Micro Pups. If you are one of those people who crave originality in your life you’ve arrived at the right website. We breed Teacup Pomeranians, Teacup Poodles, Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Maltese, and Teacup French Bulldogs. We have been making dreams come true, one family at a time, for decades! We have been steadily perfecting signature facial features that balances just the perfect amount of adorable little fur faces that often melt hearts of loyal dog-lovers everywhere. These angelical little facial features advances our puppies into a heart-tugging class of their own. We hope that you enjoy our endeavor to create a face that truly defines what we believe is the perfect Teacup puppy. We always do our best to provide an honest estimate of what the expected adult weight will be. There is a huge variable because a lot of it is out of our hands when the puppy goes to your house. How you feed the puppy, do you exercise the puppy, are you giving him natural food or are you giving him Kibble. All of these things will affect the end weight. A Yorkie that is expected to be 2.5 pounds However, if you are feeding her bacon then she will become overweight. Descriptive words such as Teacup, Micro, Mini, and Miniature have brought so much controversy between breeders. We don’t know what else to call them so we use all of the above terms. Please note that the purchasing privileges will not be granted to those with unrealistic expectations.


We offer white glove services for our customers who want jet-set style puppy service for their new baby. We offer in cabin nanny services to fly with your baby for the entire flight. The puppy will be with the nanny the entire time and this is the safest way your puppy can be delivered to you. You will pick up your puppy that will be hand delivered to you by our nanny at your nearest major airport. To reduce the stress on the dogs by any kind of transit stopover, if you have to drive 2 hours to get to the airport, that is better than having the puppy wait 4 hours for a transit flight for a short connecting flight to you. It is easier for you than it is for the puppy to make that compromise.

We ship nearly everywhere in the world. If for some reason, one of our nannies are not available to fly to your destination, we can also provide monitored cargo service. This is also a super safe option for your puppy; it is temperature controlled, and it is pressurized the same as in the cabin.

Estimated prices –

  • Mexico City: $850
  • Columbia: $1700
  • Poland: $1800
  • Russia: $900
  • Denmark: $1800
  • Saudi Arabia: $3000

Nanny is $15hr, her flight cost, the puppy’s flight cost, accommodation if overnight is required.

Estimate for USA destinations $1500.00