We offer white glove services for our customers who want jet-set style puppy service for their new baby. We offer in cabin nanny services to fly with your baby for the entire flight. The puppy will be with the nanny the entire time and this is the safest way your puppy can be delivered to you. You will pick up your puppy that will be hand delivered to you by our nanny at your nearest major airport – international airport. So if you have a really small airport that is next to you, we are not going to fly into that one. We are going to go to the international airport. We also want to reduce the stress on the dogs by any kind of transit. So if you have to drive 2 hours to get to the airport, that is better than having the puppy wait 4 hours for a transit flight for a 15 minute flight to you. It is easier for you than it is for the puppy to make that compromise.


We ship nearly everywhere in the world so just let me know about pricing and I will do my best to get it to you. You must understand that you have to flexible on your delivery dates. It is a live animal – I can’t reiterate that enough! If for some reason, one of our nannies are not available to fly to your destination, we can also provide monitored cargo service. This is also a super safe option for your puppy; it is all temperature controlled, it is pressurized the same as in the cabin, and your puppy will have access to his warm bed and food and water.


Some ideas about prices –


  • Mexico City: $850
  • Columbia (Bogota): $1700
  • Poland: $1800
  • Russia: $900
  • Denmark: $1800
  • Saudi Arabia: $3000


So these are just some of the prices I’m saying off of the top of my head, but none of them are written in stone, so just call me about the price for where you live.