What exactly is a Teacup puppy?


It is merely a term we use to describe the size of a dog that is smaller than average. Most of our puppies range from 1.5 pounds to 3 pounds.
Are Teacup puppies unhealthy? This is a very common misconception, but the answer is ‘No’. They are, however, equivalent to newborn babies and require a lot more care and attention than your average sized puppy. Because of their tiny size and delicate nature, their immune system can be compromised. So you need to be a little more careful on what they come in contact with and how they are handled. As they grow older their immune system gets stronger and then they are just as healthy as any other dog.
Our puppies should pass physical from our certified vet and also CIFA government vet before they are delivered to their new homes. In fact, the dog with the shortest life span happens to be a Great Dane on the opposite side of the spectrum.


What is the average lifespan of teacup or Toy?


It’s 8 to 14 years. Actually, pretty average like most dog breeds, except that Great Dane who only live for about 5 years.


Knowing if a Teacup puppy is right for your family?


Well, if you have got kids under 10. No. If you have got grandkids under 10, you have really got to give it some consideration because your puppy cannot be unsupervised around the young children. Again, it’s common sense.
There are somethings that you need to shop for and buy before you bring home your puppy. We’re going to send your puppy with a crate and a blanket and food bowels and all the basics that it needs. I know that you are probably going to want prettier ones or better ones or your own color of patterns and style, but just wait before you introduce all those new things. Let the puppy stay with his old bowels and food and trays and blankets, at least for 10 days or 2 weeks. It won’t really ruin your decor that much but the puppy will have a better transition. You could buy a little playpen or a cradle so the baby… Hah, I always say baby. Well, your ‘fur’ baby is well protected and has a safe place where you can quickly put him down, you know like if you have to go to answer the door or something. But aside from that, just let him stay with the stuff we send him with.
They are not suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. Sometimes people work, it happens now-a-days, and they are not going to be home for 8 hours and they want to put the puppy in a crate. Then this puppy is not going to do well. So, I would say then to look at a regular teacup size at about 5 pounds and that puppy will do a lot better. You really need to be able to dedicate the time to raising this puppy. This puppy will need a one-on-one. Someone watching it, playing with it, baby-sitting it. It is like having a child; it is a lovely feeling but you really do need to be available.


If you want to know what kind of breed is right for you?


Really there is all kinds of information online about the different breeds. You can call me and ask me about my personal opinion on different breeds. People ask me about ‘X’ dog like, “So is Billy like a lovable puppy?” Well, while all the puppies are here with us, they’re all super amazing and lovable and cuddly. They are like one month old babies, if you were looking at a human, so all the babies are lovable and cute and cuddly. They just want to sleep and cuddle and eat, and maybe look at you a little bit and have a play, and then they are sleeping again. So, it is really hard to determine what their character will be like after they leave here. That is in part going to be about what they are genetically made of – just like how your personality is different than mine – it is going to be the same with the puppy but we don’t really see that until the puppy is at least 6 months old. Once he is in your home you will shape his character with your rules, your lifestyle and how you discipline and train your dog.