You need to call me, the number is at the top of the website, or email me. Just click on the email button and your email will automatically open and send me an email. Say like, ‘Hey, I saw this puppy.’ Share a link or a photo of the puppy. You will ask if the puppy is available; if it’s on the website, it is.

Then you are going to ask me about delivery; yes sure, we deliver anywhere in the world. So I’m going to ask you which airport is closest to you – international airport. Then I will ask when you are looking to receive the dog – are you looking at a couple of months, a couple of weeks…

Tell me a little bit about your household like, how many kids you have; how much time you have on your hands; if you’re working all the time or if you like to travel; have you ever had a small puppy like this before; girl or boy preference. Try to just give me some of those details and then it helps me when I call you back. This way we are not both on the phone awkwardly going, ‘Umm… Hi’, ‘Umm… Hi So it gives us a good starting point and I can answer most of your question hopefully by email and if not then feel free to talk to me by calling, but if you call without emailing first, I’ll probably just ask you to email me first. I find that the most effective way. It is important for me to have a record of who I’m speaking with and what puppy they are interested in, and if you call me and I’m out putting gas in my car or whatever, I’m going to forget. So always email me first with all of the information including the puppy you like, or at least the breed you like, and then call me. Then I’ll say, “Oh yeah, I got your email Melody and you’re interested in a silver Pom.” and we can take it from there

Proceed with payment in full. Bank Transfer is the best option but if you have alternate suggestions let us know. We don’t accept partial payments.

You can also fill our contact form on the site or just click on the email button. I think there is a chat box as well, so you can even click the chat box, and those come to me as well. I don’t know how but they show up in my inbox, so I’ll definitely get them. 


Purchasing Privileges

We are not a pet store, we are not a rescue, we are not a shelter or humane society and we do not grant purchasing privileges to just anyone with the financial means. We reserve the right to refuse sale as we are very selective in regards to the type of home we grant purchasing privileges to. Our puppies are babies and we take the utmost responsibility of placing each and every one of them in the best homes possible. Rude inquiries will not get a response from us, nor will ones without a name. We offer a vast amount of information as to who we are and the type of kennel we run. In turn we will require the same from you. We want to know a little bit about your family and the type of home you have to offer. 

Once you contact us by email or by phone we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We don’t work 24/7 so give us a minute. If you call thirteen times in a row, we are probably never going to call you back. So take a minute, leave a message and we WILL get back to you within 24 hours.

We have the right to refuse or cancel a sale; purchasing privileges are not just granted. We might agree to sell you the puppy and get a feeling that’s not going to be the right fit and we will cancel it. And give you a complete refund if you have made any kind of payment. We require to speak with you before we approve the puppy to go anywhere. Hateful rude demanding or disrespectful parties – don’t apply! If you’re not comfortable buying on the website or online, we’re not the place for you. Any type of false representation from a client will result in an automatic application rejection… no matter what part of application process you are in we would cancel the contract immediately. 

If at any time we decide to cancel the sale a 100% of all money paid will be refunded to the buyer within 30 days from the time of cancellation. Cellphone pictures or QuickPics are not offered under any circumstances. All puppies are sold as pets only and cannot be used for showing or breeding purposes. We do not offer stud services. All puppies are born, bred and raised on our properties. We do not purchase and resell from third parties; that’s the reselling broker Korean thing that I had mentioned before. 

By about 8 weeks we know approximately how much the puppies will end up weighing, and we have an idea of their look, and this is when they will be priced or we will decide to keep them and potentially breed them or keep them for our VIP customers. So at this point, the prices will be placed on the puppies and we will post them as available. If you have a particular type that you are interested in you can always add a deposit and go on our waiting list. We’ll call you when we have a puppy that fits the description that you are looking for, but do keep in mind, that could take up to a year. Between the gestations period, raising, rearing and socializing – before the puppy is ready – it is going to be at least 6 months from the time that you place your deposit.


Prices are subject to change without notice. Security deposits will not be refunded or transferred. This charge goes towards lost sale’s time and advertising. Shipping includes the air fare, pet carrier, nursery blanket, all the vaccination shot records, signed health certificate, a rabies tag, certificates and vaccinations of all the up to date vaccinations of whatever age the puppy is. No puppy is going to leave here before it is 12 weeks old and no puppy leaves before it is 500 grams. Puppies will never be held on verbal promises. If you are looking for cheap puppies, by all means, there are plenty out there but this is not the place for it.

All our puppies are dearly loved and peaceful prayed over the moment they enter the world until the day they leave our arms.  We kindly ask that you apply for our puppies only if you wish to have a furry friend in your life for the next 10+ years. We specialize in highly unique, ultra-rare, tiny Teacup puppies. If you are one of those people who crave originality in your life you’ve arrived at the right website. We work primarily with Teacup Pomeranians, Teacup Poodles, Teacup Yorkies, Teacup Maltese, and Teacup French Bulldogs.

Most of our puppies won’t exceed 2.5 pounds with the exception of the Frenchie which will be around 10 pounds. We offer an array of colors and there is usually always something for everyone. We hope you enjoy visiting our furry, furry art gallery. We have been breeding top quality Teacup puppies for over 20 years combined. Many people ask us how on earth we have managed to stay in business for so many years; especially without having a website?! Word-of-mouth. People have always come back to us for a second or third puppy, and always referred friends. 

Most people just come into the business for a year or two, see how much work it is, and leave. Or, something else happens. We have been around for a long time and we have a great reputation. We are also pretty much home bodies and we are always around to give the puppies the love that they need and socialize them. We know that vacations are difficult and our furry kids can’t be left unattended for long periods of time. So we work hard to balance our lives in a way that benefits everyone. One key ingredient is that we love what we do! Despite the occasional heartache of working with living beings and travel restrictions, looking back and reflecting on the years of great customers and exciting places our puppies have taken our names, we can’t imagine our lives without our furry children. 

Our wonderful color palette is possible because of our family-run business. We all fulfil certain roles so that this kennel remains the best in the business! Because we have been in the puppy business for so long, we have seen A LOT of breeders come and go like the seasons. While manyclaim to have been in the business for decades to comfort the potential customer, we align with our ethics and the better business bureau member maintaining an impressive A+ rating after a combined 20 years of business! 

Rest assured that we are not only experienced hands but knowledgeable ones. Shop and adopt with the assurance that all of our puppies are dearly loved from the moment they enter the world. We have been making dreams come true, one family at a time, for decades! Please be advised; we do not accept blocked, private or restricted phone calls. We have been steadily perfecting signature facial features that balances just the perfect amount of adorable little fur faces that often melt hearts of loyal dog-lovers everywhere. These angelical little facial features advances our puppies into a heart-tugging class of their own. We hope that you enjoy our endeavor to create a face that truly defines what we believe is the perfect tiny Teacup puppy. 

I want to talk a little about unrealistic expectations. There is no such thing as perfect. Sometimes you might buy something online as simple as a shoe, and maybe it looks great on the internet but when it gets home it doesn’t look as great as you thought it would. Or maybe it shows up and it looks so much better than you though it would. There is a lot of perception. As long as we are transparent and honest about the puppy and you are realistic in your expectations that the puppy is not going to be perfect then we won’t have any problems. 

We always do our best to provide an honest estimate of what the expected adult weight will be. There is a huge variable because a lot of it is out of our hands when the puppy goes to your house. How you feed the puppy, do you exercise the puppy, are you giving him natural food or are you giving him Kibble. All of these things will affect the end weight. A Yorkie is going to be 2.5 pounds. If you are constantly feeding it bacon then it is going to be overweight, it is going to be uncomfortable and it is not going to be in top condition. So you have to understand that we are giving you our honest estimate. If you are going to exercise, take care and feed the puppy like the way that we advise you to, it should stay that way. So we have done our best to provide our customers with realistic size expectations. 

Descriptive words such as Teacup, Micro, Mini, and Miniature have brought so much controversy between breeders. I don’t know what else to call them so I use all of the terms. Many people have mistaken idea that teacups aren’t healthy. They are! I’m not here to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes a puppy will be born extra small and we will keep an eye on that puppy and if that puppy goes for sale he or she will be very expensive because it is very rare to get a puppy under 2 pounds or around the 2 pound mark. If that is what you have got your heart set on you should think about giving us a deposit and we will consider offering you that puppy, when and should we have one, if we decide not to keep it for ourselves. 

Please note that the purchasing privileges will not be granted to those with unrealistic expectations. We have created our website chock-full of interesting articles, beneficial information, and thorough explanations about all kinds of stuff including our breeding practices. We hope that each customer will take the time to actually read our website and the content that we have provided. We have tried to touch on all topics. However, if you still have more questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

One of the best part of being a breeder is watching our beloved puppies grown in stunning adult dogs. It warms our hearts when the customers share updated photos of our darling puppies, now dogs, in their new homes. We get to see each dog so happy and well-adjusted with owners who truly love and adore them as much as we do. It brings a smile to our faces.  Here are a few snaps and we hope everyone enjoys them.

Buying of our puppies:

It isn’t about money; you are not applying for a loan. You are applying to own one of our puppies! First, we thank you for your interest. THere is a detailed application, it does take a minute to fill out and since you are buying a puppy that you are going to keep around for the nextdecade or so, we hope that you will take a minute to fill it out. We want to know about yourself, your family, and the type of home you have to offer. Our puppies are viewed through our eyes as our ‘fur children’. They just happen to have four legs instead of two… and they have a tail! We see ourselves as surrogate parents who bring these precious angles into the world for deserving families to enjoy the companionship that only a pet can offer. Our fur children are raised with the same amount of love, respect and devotion as our two legged children. 

We are not a pet store and we do not grant adoption privileges to simply anyone who has the financial means to pay for them. We must feel in our hearts that we have done the absolute best in selecting the perfect family in selecting the perfect family for each and every puppy we bring into this world. We hope that you will view this application with as much sincerity as we have for our two and four-legged kids, as you have for your two and four-legged kids. Please fill it out in its entirety with plentiful answers to ensure we take the application seriously. We will carefully consider the application and be back in touch with as soon as possible. 

We feed raw. 

Raw food, the best by far! There is so much material online with all sorts of info on raw feeding, so I will not reinvent the wheel again here. I will give my opinions and findings on the matter and post on our website and then you can also do your own research- in a nutshell, raw-feeding is the best. You start early with feeding raw 3 or 4 times a week at supper time or you can jump right in and feed raw fulltime. Let me start by saying, I’m not a vet. Although… vets have nothing to do with the subject. They will just advise you on what they know and what their experience is. They’re not necessarily experts in the feeding field. 

That being said, I will give you my experience and what has worked best for me. Always do your own little homework before you take anyone’s word for it – including mine. To be honest, I have seen dogs who don’t do well on raw-food diets. Probably only because he was introduced to it as an adult and all the reasons that I can’t explain and I don’t understand. But for the most part, those are a small, small minority. Raw food is said to be the best for your dog’s teeth, gums, coat, health, skin, you name it! Some vets recommend it, some don’t. Usually they are ones who haven’t witnessed the effects personally but cannot say anything bad either. Sometimes, because of politics or because of promoting food companies, our vets approach things for rewards instead and that includes selling their food. So just stick with your gut, and again, common sense can be used here too. 

You can give it chicken necks, feet, carcasses, liver, kidney and more. The whole thing; bones included. That’s right, I said bones included! They’re great for your dog; fiber, calcium and much more. They do not splinter like most people think – only if they are cooked. If they are raw, nope, they’re good. You can give it to ‘em. Never give cooked chicken bones to a dog. Never ever, ever! I also feed beef – ground up heart, liver, tripe, hamburger, tongue, bones, pork venison, rabbit, goat-meat, sheep-meat – it is all great stuff! They are different beliefs in raw feeders and makers of raw food. Some believe that is all they need. Others mix in vegetables and fruits, which are all good by the way. You can Google and see which ones are toxic but they are all good really, but grapes, umm… just don’t give them grapes. Some dogs eat carrot, some don’t. Some people mix it all together. Again, it can be time consuming. 

Here’s what I do; it has been said that dogs are carnivores and raw food digests in their system best in about 4 hours. They can handle bacteria, unlike us. Cooked food, like Kibble, takes 12 hours to go through their system. So you should never mix Kibble with raw. I’m told it stays in the system longer than 4 hours and then you’re looking at problems with bacteria and salmonella.I feed Kibble in the morning, and they get all their needs as far as probiotics and supplements, and then the raw for supper. I find this to be the easiest and, outside of what people say, I haven’t had any problems and they are healthy as could be – heart, stools and all. If you choose to go raw, we recommend here that you can feed morning and night raw food. These are just my opinions. 

Did you know that dogs are very healthy animals by nature? They are not prone to cancer, kidney or liver failure, skin problems, etc. You can trust me on this one! I’ve spent my whole life around dogs; with dogs, around dogs and dog clubs and dog shows. All these years, I only heard of one dog that had cancer. I lived in a country where commercial dog food didn’t exist. Farm animals were never treated with hormones and antibiotics and all pet owners were feeding raw home-prepared meals to their dogs using the same sources as they would for themselves. Not exactly the same ingredients but the same sources. 

Feeding your dog Kibble is no doubt very convenient, just like eating at a fast-food restaurant. Sure we can all survive on a Big Mac now and then but imagine eating fast-food every day of your life, all of your life. What kind of health would you have? What kind of health can you expect your dog to have when feeding them doggy fast-food Kibble? There are high-quality dog Kibble out there now that don’t use all that wheat, soy and corn and they are much better than typical commercial dog food. But they are still over-processed. Nothing can substitute for a raw-meat diet for your dog. You will never get the complete amino acids, enzymes and vitamins that your dog needs for his digestion, immune system and clean teeth from cooked over-processed commercial dog food. 

People think of small tiny Teacup dogs and they forget about training; I’m here to talk to you about training for your new puppy

Crate-training is great! Your puppy is going to come in a crate, it is going to feel very comfortable for them. You can transfer that into a playpen or cradle but there should be a confined area for your puppy to feel safe in like a little den. That’s the same for big and small dogs. 

You don’t want pushy pups; you want to be the boss. So when your puppy starts to test to you, which even at one pound it will, don’t give in to them. If they are begging for that treat, that’s the time to say no. Basic training like teaching your puppy how to mind his manners. Don’t give the puppy attention when it is running to the door barking, ignore the puppy at that time. If your puppy makes a mistake and goes out of his pee-pee pads, ignore the puppy again. Just clean it up and be on your way. Your puppy is trained but he is just trying to get some attention from you. 

The social scene. Come on, your puppy’s got to be introduced to the world! Sure, all these things start with the breeder but they have got to be continued at home so your puppy’s got to get used to ‘your’ lifestyle. Bring him out, have friends over, go in the car. Don’t isolate the puppy when you bring him home. 

And of course, you have got to continue training for cleanliness. Repeat the pee-pee pad training. Make sure you always have pee-pee pads available and they know where they are and they are accessible so that there are no accident and no disappointments. It is all reinforcing what we have already done here but all these things can go to waste if you just get way to excited and forget that your dog is a canine!

Our puppy health guarantee isn’t just about dollar and cents. Our relationship with you doesn’t end once you get your puppy home. As puppy-lovers ourselves we wish nothing would ever go wrong with any puppy. However, certain things are beyond our control. A puppy’s health is dependent on a number of factors like genetics, exercise, food and nourishment, plus the overall care. While no one can guarantee your puppy will never have a health problem, we can guarantee that we will do our best to ensure your new family member is a healthy one. It all starts with choosing who enters your home.