Kayley Cream Micro Teacup Pom

Kayley Cream Micro Teacup Pom

Name : Kayley

Breed : Tiny Teacup Pomeranian

Color : Classic Carmel

Gender : Male

Size: The Maximum expected adult weight is 2.5 Lbs

Price: $7,100.00

Kayley – Currently Available

Introducing our beautiful Jungle Baby Kayley. His sweet and innocent face is too cute for words! This Micro Teacup Pomeranian boy is a charming reminder of why we love puppies so much! He and his sister were VERY hard for us not to keep! We just adore them to pieces. Kayley is super gentle and affectionate. His soft rumbling voice will sooth and comfort you even on the dreariest of days. He will woo you with his quite yet cheerful disposition. Kayley will skip towards you just to pet you with his miniature tail as he weaves figure 8’s between your feet.

Kayley has been decorated with a warm caramel coloring on his face. A light cream plays peek-a-boo from between the lovely markings that grace the rest of his tiny body. Kayley’s long plush coat makes his look like a round lil cuddly stuffed animal.

If Kayley has made your heart purr, he might be the boy for you!