Cinderella Teacup white Pom

Cinderella Teacup white Pom

Name : Cinderella

Breed : Tiny Teacup Pomeranian

Color : White

Gender : Female

Size: The Maximum expected adult weight is 2.5 Lbs

Price: $7,100.00

Cinderella Teacup white Pom – Currently Available

Roll out the red carpet for Cinderella! This girl is the definition of PERFECTION! If you are looking for a stunning puppy who is ULTRA tiny, with ethereal good looks; here she is!!! This little princess is straight from a fairytale book! We have no doubt Cinderella could break the record for the world’s smallest. Don’t let her pixie size fool you, she is an energetic beam of light that dances throughout the nursery playing with her fur-friends and begging for attention. Cinderella Teacup white Pom is a complete fashionista! Her dainty frame is draped in an angelic, long flowing designer coat and her face pictures perfectly from every angle. She looks as if she has played with mommy’s makeup again, hehe. Her vivid black eye liner has been perfectly placed and is absolutely mesmerizing! Her round eyes are so animated and express innocence and a yearning for love! As if her exquisite face needed any more attention, the feather like tufts of hair bursts from her ears and elegantly droop down like a pair of angel’s wings.