Chipmunk Mini English Bulldog

Chipmunk Mini English Bulldog

Name : Chipmunk

Breed : Mini English Bulldog

Color : Classic

Gender : Male

Size: The Maximum expected adult weight is 15 Lbs

Price: $9,800.00

Chipmunk – Currently Available

We are pleased to introduce the cutest puppy in the entire world, Chipmunk! This lil’ guy is beyond precious! Innocence and wonderment beam from his expressive baby doll eyes; they could tell you endless stories! Chipmunk of course got his name from those chubby and round cheeks he has been blessed with. He loves to use them to brush against you in hopes of getting your attention. Chipmunk has been blessed with an outstanding designer coat. His face has been decorated in a trifecta of perfection! Chipmunk has those cute ears that we just love, they give him a teddy bear appearance, heh.

Chipmunk is a complete sweetheart and always want to be the baby of the family. He spends his time batting around his favorite toys and chasing his nursery friends around the room! When he’s worn himself out you can find him fast asleep either in your arms.

This darling prince is dreaming of a new forever family. If he has captured your heart…