Sometimes people ask me if they can come and pick up the puppy themselves. Well, NO we are breeders not a pet store . When my mom was doing this years ago she had someone just walk into her house and say, “Oh, we’re here to see the puppies!” Someone else had told them where she lived and they were in her home, didn’t knock and where roaming through the house, and after that we tried to figure out how to stop that. We stopped that by not letting anyone come to the house anymore. Now, we also don’t let anyone come and visit the puppies when they are little because many bacteria or something that you would have stepped in on your way in the house could infect one of our puppies. If it infects one of our puppies, it will effect one of our mothers, then it will affect the rest of the litter. Maybe effects the puppies playing next to them. It can be deadly and/or very expensive for us. So we don’t see the upside of having people come by. Usually, the people who want to come by just want to look at the puppies and I don’t blame them. They’re gorgeous, they are a lot of fun to play with. Maybe they want to show their kids, do a little show and tell, teaching about different puppies with their children and the park is closed and thinking of coming over to my house is a great and entertaining outing for them. But it just doesn’t work so we have stopped that – 100% closed. 

Pictures, and more pictures! 

 “Can I get updates photos and videos before purchasing a puppy?” Sure! But you need to pay a deposit!We keep our website up-to-date with new photos bi-weekly. So, that is like every 2 weeks there should be your puppy’s new picture. If the puppy hasn’t changed that much, maybe we won’t do it. It is a lot of work. We have got to get them picture perfect. It is like a photo session for a super model, it is a lot of work for us, and so we try to do it every two weeks. We usually sell puppies most on the weekends so that is when you want to follow up with us and see if the puppy is still available. Otherwise, if the puppy is on the website, it is available. We try to take them down weekly and update current pictures of the remaining puppies bi-weekly. I hope that makes sense and seems fair enough for us and most of our customers. So I hope that it is fair enough if you are considering this for yourself. 

If you decide, ‘No, No. I want a new picture. I want to see a new picture. I want a different one, just not the one on the website, I want a different one. Just a simple cell phone pic…I just want a different one.’ We can do that for you but, just to make sure that you are a serious buyer, we want a hold deposit of a thousand dollars. You can have that returned if you don’t buy the puppy within 24 hours, you can say, ‘Nope, I don’t like the puppy. Thanks for the second picture.’ We will return your deposit from PayPal. If you decide, ‘Perfect, I’m glad that I got to see this extra picture and I definitely want to buy him.’ Then that deposit-hold for the new pictures will just be deducted from your puppy. So if you are a serious buyer, it shouldn’t seriously be a problem. But if you are just window shopping, or checking around, or just love to look at puppy pictures all day long, you will object to it. Keep in mind, we have a lot of window shoppers. People love our puppies and want to see lots of pictures. It is really fun to show these cute pictures on your Facebook or at your work or send them to your friends, but it is not fun for us to have to send them all the time. So we do charge for our time. Again, our serious buyers are fine with it because they are buying a dog and it is just a matter of deducting that money from their final bill. It’s a moot point for them.