Some people will come up to me and say, “Well, I have a teacup puppy and it cost $2000.” And I just say, “Well, how much does it weigh?” It turns out, it’s 6 pounds and I’m like, “That’s a standard Teacup Yorkie, it’s a totally fair price, gorgeous dog. But the business we are in and the dogs we’re breeding, ours are quite exceptional and rare. To get a dog that is beautiful, healthy and bred locally – one that’s just 2.5 pounds – is difficult.”


Our dogs usually have one or two puppies per litter. People say our dogs are expensive but if you think about a German Shepard, she has 10 puppies and she is selling each of those puppies for $2000, so a litter for her is $20,000. A litter for us, however, is maybe $5000. So just keep that into perspective, because we’re selling such small dogs, the moms can’t give birth to 3 or 4 dogs. Only one, sometimes two. So that determines a lot about the price as well. They are healthy and they need to stay with their moms a little bit longer. They need to stay under our supervision so that we are sure that the puppy is ready to go and transition into a forever family home, but we keep an eye and we know our dogs really well, so usually at about 500 grams they are ready to go.


What are the prices of your puppies?



The least our prices will start at is $4500 and that is for a really common Pug. It is great super quality and very, very tiny but there isn’t a lot of variations in Pug coat or shape. So their prices start around $4500 if that is the price range you are looking for. These prices do not include shipping or the nanny fee. Shipping is based on your location. For the continental United States it is about $295. If you are overseas, Europe is usually around $600. If you are in theMiddle East, you are looking at about $1500 and that is the high-end of the shipping scale.The longer the flight basically, the higher the price is and that is set by airlines, not us. We do our best to get you the best price possible.