We do offer one year warranty for life threatening, untreatable defects, including and limited to: heart defects (including scale 4 or above) and any organ dysfunction. This doesn’t include a treatable disorder like Luxating Patella. We do NOT cover for hernias or open frontal as these are common issues with puppies. We do send you home with a 6 week health insurance plan which should give you some comfort. You can decide to activate that and keep it, or you can just keep it for the 6 weeks and toss it, it’s up to you. So we will work with you if there is anything that you think that is our side, and you want us to help pay for it or replace the puppy. Just let us know; just talk to us. I like to consider myself reasonable and I will listen to everything and we have the one-year guarantee. 

In the event that your puppy does develop an illness or an untreatable, life-threatening defect, we will offer you another puppy of the same sex, breed and quality that you bought. If you don’t want that option, we will refund your money except for the delivery fees. So, if you pay $295 for the delivery, I will not pay that but everything else I will return to you, whether it’s local or international. We want you to send us a copy of your vet exam and any findings upon that exam. Know that we can’t necessarily give you the money right away, so just give us a couple of weeks, and I hope you’re reasonable and understand that that is our intent and our guarantee so it will be done correctly.

Parasites are not covered in our guarantee, just because they are so common, we will do treatments on them four times and the day before they leave, but puppies always have them. The mother’s milk helps them just deal with it themselves and by the time they leave the mother they have the immune system to manage it. So if you take your dog to the vet, as soon as you get him or her and you have a stool sample, they will probably find parasites. This is true with any puppy. So if you call me and say, ‘Oh we just got back from the vet and the puppy has parasites in his stool!’ I’m just going to tell you that well, it is a puppy and it’s ok.

If the puppy that you buy gets sick, I’ll let you know right away. I’ll be like, “Ah you know, muffin isn’t looking great today. I’m going to take her to the vet tomorrow.” I don’t constantly keep in contact on a daily basis after the purchase with the buyers because… Well, I am busyI know people are really anxious to know about their puppy but there is a process that we have got to let go and let it happen. I would let you know if there is anything wrong with the puppy, or if it gets sick, or if it’s losing weight or gaining weight or whatever’s going on, I’ll let you know. 

We will email and confirm the delivery 48 hours before the flight. SO, the day after you make the payment is not the day I will book the flight because anything can happen in that next week. I have learned over the years that it is best just to wait and see. Maybe the weather will change and the airlines will say, ‘No, we won’t allow any animals on the flights today.’ Or maybe the puppy will get sick, or maybe the puppy’s lost a little bit of weight, maybe they have had some hypoglycemic episodes and I want to like keep them with me and check on them a little bit. So, 48 hours before our scheduled day I will send you the confirmation number so that you can follow-up with the airline, because it is in their hands at that point and you can check the airline for any weather related issues. At 48 hours, it is out of my hands because I have already booked the flight and the puppy is going with the airline. So you will have to follow-up with them at that point. I will give you all the information that you need.

Hypoglycemia which is a low blood sugar disease. I always say it’s kind of like diabetes. If you have someone in your family who has diabetes, you’ll know they need to have some fruit around and stuff, and hypoglycemia on the dogs is like that. It’s not covered in our health guarantee and warranty. Hypoglycemia is SO common, but it is preventable by feeding your puppy and keeping an eye on him. We keep the puppies back with us until most episodes have subsided. So that could be a puppy of 8 weeks, another puppy at 14 .Once we see that the puppy is awesome, and not having those episodes anymore, then we will be happy to send him home to you. 

The thing is, it is a lot for you to have to burden and have that responsibility and that is why we keep them with us. We are pretty much pros at handling and managing it and don’t want that stress aggravating that puppy if he ihaving some hypoglycemia issues. If he is maybe not big enough or he is not eating great, we like to take care of that before he goes home and all of our customers seem to appreciate that. So you can just focus on integrating that puppy into your family as opposed to having to deal with a health issue. 

A lot more about hypoglycemia can be found all over the internet and we have a few links. We also have a few basic outlines on our website for once you get the puppy home, but we don’t go into it all in detail. Your puppy will only be spayed or neutered if your puppy is over 2.5 pounds when it leaves here. That would either be an adult dog or a French bulldog. Other than that,because they are too young to go under the knife and they cannot handle the surgery, we do not spay or neuter. We do hope that you will give it some consideration. However, if you choose not to it is completely fine. I am not concerned about you breeding them because most of these dogs will not be able to reproduce anyway. That is why I’m not crazy or hung up on the spaying and neutering. It is just kind of overdone and unnecessary and that is the same with vaccines. So we have to give them a full set of vaccines before they can come to you. They are good for a year so you don’t have to worry about them for a year. Travel right away – NO problem. But if you aren’t a huge traveler and you stay pretty local I would avoid getting them vaccinated every year. This is something you can discuss with your vet. I’ll leave it at that. 

food, I’m 100% behind natural diets. It is just like you and me. If we eat processed foods – as in their Kibble and our McDonalds – they’ll live, they’ll do fine, they’ll grow but they’re going to be lethargic and they might get a little overweight. They are not going to be in there tip top shape, just like us. So clean eating, clean treats like ice cubes, pieces of carrots – rawso it helps clean their teeth as well – cut up pieces of chicken so their teeth get that workout. Chicken hearts, livers and you know, all the stuff you don’t want to eat and you kind of find gross. The puppy’s digestive system even though is so tiny, it is much more robust and different than ours, it can definitely handle that and it’s good for their system and their teeth. You are going to start seeing their best quality coat and a better long-term health. 

You can buy raw food now-a-days in most pet stores. They have a refrigerated section with items which you can just store in your fridge at home, and these puppies eat so little, it inot going to take up your whole fridge. So I definitely advocate towards that. We also offer Kibble out for the puppies here. It is Royal Canine tiny puppy food. That is because I know that not every home is going to feed raw and natural diets and so the puppies need to get used to some Kibble. It is out 24 hours and they eat whenever they want. So if you choose to feed your puppy Kibble, you’ll have no problems transitioning from our natural and raw diet.