If you get your fur baby locally, whether from our company or another, just make sure the dog is in the United States – born and raised. If you’re buying from a breeder, you can talk to the breeder and ask how they raise their dogs. Ask if socializing them, are thepuppies near children every day, are they with big dogs or are they with cats, and how was the puppy’s upbringing? This is going to determine the kind of dog you live with for 10+years. If you don’t want a yappy dog, if you don’t want a dog that snaps and bites, if you don’t want a dog that’s peeing at every noise that happens in the house, then you need a dog that has had a lot of effort put into its socialization in the early weeks. That is critical socialization and you are not going to get that from most breeders. Definitely not overseas breeders! South Koreans still eats dogs and surely you can imagine the horrific breeding practices.

There has been lots on the news recently about companies brokering dogs in the United States, selling their dogs predominantly through Facebook. They have been featured on newspapers, coming out of the UK, exposing this puppy-mill broker business and how horrific it is!  They are importing dogs that are coming from Korea! You just need to google their review or ‘their name’ and ‘puppy milling’ and you will see unlimited amount of complains about sick dogs, or dogs that haven’t been delivered on time, or how rude or aggressive the owners are. They are selling ‘Jung’ puppies with multiple different names. So they have different brand names and they are in different states, but they’re all getting their dogs from the same kind of place or the same person. And again, if you read ‘Jung Puppy’ reviews, it is  a textbook of what puppy mill is. Korean puppy-mill owner whose puppies are being brokered across the United States.


People ask us all the time: Where does TINY get puppies? We breed them!

My mom is the first to have started micro breeding with Maltese. We’ve now expanded into Poodles with our specialty being rich reds and great color apricots. We have Pomeranians. We love dark black as well as pure white Pomeranians. We have  Teacup French Bulldogs, which are about half the size, if not even more than half the size of a regular Bulldog(still small enough, you can fly with them anywhere!)